Patrick Flynn Irish Roots Support Group and 50/50 draw


A number of mysteries surround Patrick Flynn's birth and arrival in North America.  We understand -

If  these questions intrigue you, join a group dedicated to solving the mystery and linking all of us up with our Irish Roots. Join us for a cup'a coffee and a donut in St. Margaret's on the Sunday morning to discuss how best to proceed.  Let's make this gift of their own history to our kids and to their kid's kid's!

If enough of us get together, we should be able to mount a serious search.  We have also added Flynn DNA to an international Flynn Family data base that will provide further insight into the family's early history and with any luck may link us up with related Flynn families around the world. 

Over the course of the reunion we will be selling chances on a 50/50 draw. The proceeds of the draw will go to support the search for Patrick Flynn's roots.