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Patrick married Bridget Sullivan (circa 1840) and their union produced ten offspring.

1. Marks Flynn (1841)

2. Bridget Flynn (1844) - Bridget married James Lynch in 1871

3. Margaret Flynn (1845) - Margaret married Matthew Lynch in 1872

4. James William Flynn (1846) - James married Fanny Lynch in 1872. Both would perish in a tragic fire in 1893.

5. Ellen Flynn (1848) - Ellen married Anthony Daley in 1872.

6. Elizabeth Flynn (1850) - Elizabeth married Michael Mahar in 1873

7. Patrick Joseph Flynn (1852) - Patrick married Anne Carroll in 1876,
     and after Anne's death in 1891, he married Catherine Quinn in 1897.

8. Peter Flynn (1854) - Peter married Margaret Kelly in 1882.

9. William Flynn (1857) - William appears to have died as a young child

10. Catherine Flynn (1860) - Catherine married John Dunn in 1882 and
died childless shortly after.
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