From Cork Ireland to Miramachi, New Brunswick
Help us find Patrick's home village.

Needed !

We intend to form a group dedicated to tracing Patrick's origins back to Ireland. 
Let us know if you want to join in.

Issues to resolve - and some possible answers

Three Strategies:

  1. Contribute to a genealogical research project in Ireland.
  2. Assume that many of the families originated from the same area in Ireland and check out other Chatham/Miramichi families.
  3. We are trying DNA testing which while it may not find Patrick himself may well surface other Flynn families that are related to us. It now seems we are very likely part of the R1B1C7 haplogroup. Our 25 markers are 13-26-14-11-11-13-12-12-12-13-14-29- 18-9-10-11-11-25-16-18-30-15-16-16-17.

The proposed process:

Become a Flynn Rooter by contributing to our standing fund for research into the family's origins.


Follow - up: